TMR Additive

Why use a TMR additive?

Heating and spoilage of feeds used to make a TMR significantly reduces intakes, nutrient values and animal feed efficiencies. The very process of making / mixing a TMR actually promotes heating and spoilage, meaning the feed presented to the animals is already starting to spoil. Adding OrganoFresh to the TMR will prevent spoilage, retain nutritional values and actually increase the palatability of the ration.

The inclusion of OrganoFresh is especially important if left over feed is reused or fed to different groups of animals the following day. This is even more relevant during the summer months. It is also important if you are feeding waste products such as potato or bread waste and brewery by-products.

To understand how big an issue this may be for you simply monitor the temperature of the TMR immediately after it’s been fed and then throughout the day(s). For more information or to organise an on farm visit to determine your TMR spoilage contact us today. Alternatively fill out the following for to get a call back.