Agriton | Animal Husbandry has worked closely with our sister company, Agro-Vital, to produce a range of products that do things a little differently. We are constantly researching, to better understand, the Soil-Crop-Animal-Manure Cycle.

We have realised that you have to consider the cycle as a complex interconnected whole rather than unrelated individual parts. Simply feeding the crop to produce better yields can have a negative impact on the soil or the animal. Due to this Agriton | Animal Husbandry takes a ‘big picture’ approach to producing and supplying products. If a product is good for the soil but bad for the crop, or vice versa, we don’t supply it.

This attitude has lead to the development of sustainable, natural and organic products that can replace commonly used, environmentally damaging and often expensive alternatives to create a healthy fertile soil that is resilient, durable and productive.