Skin Care

The importance of Skin

Skin is the bodies first line of defence for humans and animals alike. When our skin is damaged our chances of infection increases significantly, which means protecting and supporting the skin is essential for healthy people and animals. Animals often live in and are put through some tough situations meaning cuts are common place. Typically antibiotic sprays have been used to prevent disease in open wounds but that’s only increasing antibiotic resistant pathogens. By using EM Skin Care, instead of antibiotic sprays, you can help clean and protect the wound without the risk of antibiotic resistance.

All infections are caused by microbes which is why applying good microbes, as with EM Skin Care, you can outcompete and suppress harmful pathogens, by way of competitive exclusion. The microbes within EM Skin Care also form a protective film over the wound, ensuring long term protection as well as promoting healing.

If you have animals and want to protect them EM Skin Care really is a great product to have close by. You’ll never know when you need it but you know you’ll always need it.

EM Skin Care