Skin & Teat Care

The first line of defence

The skin of humans and animals alike are covered in microbes. If you lick your finger now you will have swallowed millions of microbes. Some of them would have been good, while others would have been bad. In most instances these microbes are completely harmless, but, if the conditions are just right, or just wrong from our point of view, they can cause problems.

If, for example, we cut ourselves the first thing we do is clean the wound before covering with a bandage. By cleaning and covering the wound we actually wash away any microbes to create a sterile environment and then cover to maintain a sterile environment. If we do not do this opportunistic pathogenic microbes will enter the wound causing an infection.

The same thing happens with cows teats and mastitis causing bacteria. The bacteria are present almost everywhere and they are constantly looking for a way into the teat canal, we all know what happens when they succeed!

By using EM Skin Care, EM Teat Care or even Actiferm you populate the skin with good microbes. These good microbes out compete and suppress the opportunistic pathogenic microbes who were already present to ensure your animals remain healthy.

You never know when a cow is going to be exposed to mastitis causing bacteria, when a horse is going to cut its leg on a hack, when a calf is going to be experience ringworm causing fungi or even when sheep are infected with foot rot causing bacteria.

All of these aliments can be prevented by regular use of Effective Micro-organisms. The microbes, when applied onto the skin, will help support, protect and defend it from opportunistic pathogens.

Agriton | Skin Care is a liquid mix of Effective Micro-organisms that should be used little and often to support the natural microbiome of the animal. This not only improves the animals first line of defence but also protects it when the skin comes into contact with harmful pathogens or worse when the skin is compromised.

Agriton | Teat Care works in exactly the same way as Agriton | Skin Care. By applying onto the teats, either pre or post milking, you are suppressing unwanted bacteria and encouraging good microbes. Traditionally teat dip / care products have focused on killing microbes to create a sterile / clean environment. Unfortunately sterile environments are seen as hot property by both good and bad microbes meaning they will quickly repopulate. However, if you populate the teat with good bacteria you not only provide immediate cleaning of the teat but also long term protection as well.

Actiferm is activated EM-1. EM or Effective Micro-organisms are the complete mix of micro-organisms that Agriton work with to create products such as Skin and Teat Care. Actiferm can be used instead of Skin Care and / or Teat Care with almost identical results.