Rumen Buffer

Rumen Buffer

Rumen buffers are used to prevent acid loading caused by high energy diets. By preventing acid loading you improve rumen function as well as feed efficiency.

Diets that are high in rapidly fermentable carbohydrates cause an increase in Volatile Fatty Acids (VFAs) in the rumen. This increase in VFAs lowers the pH to suppresses the activity and population of other rumen microbes.

For optimum rumen function the pH should be between 6.2 and 6.8.

Aren’t all rumen buffers basically the same?

In a word; no. Some rumen buffers work quickly while others more slowly. Some react instantly with little to no long term protection whereas others carry on working all day. There are even some that over buffer.

In recent laboratory trials separate model rumens were loaded with organic acids to mimic pH conditions experienced by cattle. They were then buffered with four commercially available products; Sodium bicarbonate, Product A, Ostrea Oyster Shell and Ostrea Seashell at the equivalent commercially recommended doses. The pH was monitored over a four hour time period. The model rumens were subjected to acid loading to stimulate post feeding rumen conditions in cows fed TMR diets and then higher levels of acid experienced after parlour fed concentrates. Each time the pH was the monitored for a further 90 minutes.

You can see that both Ostrea products maintained optimal rumen pH and did not over buffer.

Agriton | Ostrea Oyster Shell is our most popular rumen buffer. It has an extremely complex honeycomb structure that provides all day protection. Agriton | Ostrea Oyster Shell is available in 1000kg bags.

Agriton | Ostrea Sea Shell works a little bit quicker than the Oyster Shell as its structure is less complex. Ostrea Sea Shell will provide all day protection but does have a different mineral content which needs to be considered when formulating the ration. Agriton | Ostrea Sea Shell is available in 25kg and 1000kg bags.

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