22 Oct 2021

Free nitrogen for farmers with slurry!

Independant figures produced by Kingshay show that with Agriton’s slurry treatment you can retain 12% more nitrogen. With the price of Nitrogen being approximately £2.10kg, exactly what is that 12% of nitrogen in your slurry worth?

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28 Sep 2021

Spreading organic manures and the EA’s Farming Rules for Water

The new Farming Rules for Water provide yet another challenge for farmers to overcome, however, it’s not all bad news…

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12 Aug 2021

PowerGrain to the rescue – Grain Preservation Options

PowerGrain is an Enzyme based grain treatment for the preservation and enhancement of treated grains. Protein, pH and preservation in one.

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06 Apr 2021

Soil… the sustainable fossil fuel?

The last agricultural revolution, somewhat ironically named “The Green Revolution”, came after the second world war when an emphasis was placed on the use of inorganic fertilisers and pesticides, however, the real Green Revolution is happening now.

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24 Mar 2021

Bokashi… like compost only better

Farmers who want to increase soil organic matter and health – while also reducing their CO2 footprint – should consider fermenting their manure rather than composting it.

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24 Mar 2021

Why do we love Bokashi… this is why!

Bokashi – Japanese for fermenting organic matter Typically in the UK we consider FYM as a waste product with little to no nutritional value at all. UK farmers regularly pile FYM in the corner of a field during the winter and spread it before ploughing. Out of sight out of mind. What if we said …

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19 Mar 2021

Better slurry management driving on farm performance

When discussing slurry management, most people talk about the storage of slurry and don’t realise that a lot of emissions can be released within cubicles

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17 Mar 2021


That’s what they want you to think

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01 Mar 2021

Bokashi in the spotlight

Farmer Weekly feature Bokashi | Fermenting organic waste to effectively and efficiently recycle nutrients to create a pre-digested food for the soil.

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01 Jan 2021

Win £500 of Agriton Product!!

Celebrate our 25th year with a chance to win £500 worth of Agriton product.

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