Quality and Quantity

With Soya’s days numbered and protein prices increasing there has never been a better time to switch to PowerGrain. Taking back control of feed costs is only one of the many benefits offered by PowerGrain. Using PowerGrain to treat feed means greater flexibility at harvest, increase protein by 30-40%, raise pH to reduce Acidosis risk and preserve feeds for up to 12 months. You can get all these benefits from a simple treatment that can be done at the same time as you roll your grains.

PowerGrain is a simple, effective and affordable treatment allowing you to feed greater quantities of a quality feed, safely.

To prove this we will provide anyone who has bought PowerGrain from us two free grain analysis results. This allows you to compare the untreated to treated grain and can also be used for ration formulation. To get your two free analysis results please fill out the form below.


PowerGrain Leaflet