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Antiseptic Bedding Powder

Whether it’s calving or lambing pens, loose housing or cubicles, the area in which animals live needs to be kept clean and dry at all times. Potentially harmful pathogens thrive in wet dirty conditions meaning the risk of disease is far greater then when the bedding is clean and dry. Using an antiseptic bedding powder in animal housing can significantly reduce disease pressure felt by the animals. Using Vulkamin antiseptic bedding powder kills harmful pathogens but also creates a dry environment which prevents the pathogens from returning.

As well as its antiseptic properties, Vulkamin also binds positively charged elements such as Ammonium (NH4+). This means that as well as creating a healthier environment for animals to live, Vulkamin also prevents Nitrogen losses to reduce on farm emissions and improve the nitrogen content of slurry.

For every tonne of lime used on farm 440kgs of Carbon Dioxide is lost and if it only reacted with Ammonium 280kgs of pure Nitrogen would be lost as well. This hidden cost of using lime is reducing on farm efficiencies and increasing emissions.

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