Effective Micro-organisms – Actiferm

Actiferm / Effective Micro-organisms (EM)

Doctor Higa discovered EM in 1982 before establishing EMRO Japan (Effective Microorganisms Research Organisation). EMRO now supply EM around the world through a network of distributors like ourselves. Agriton, as a trusted partner, are able to manufacture and supply EM throughout a number of European countries.

EM-1 is the starting culture that can be used or, alternatively, brewed at home to create EM-A. One litre of EM-1 mixed with molasses and water can make 22 litres of EM-A. As an authorised manufacturer and distributor of EM products we can supply EM-1 or our own EM-A, Actiferm. The benefits of EM on farm, at home or in the garden are countless. The following pages go some way to explaining the benefits of Actiferm on farm.

Actiferm contains 80 different micro-organisms from five main families, Bacteria, Fungi, Yeast, Pho ropic and Actinomycetes. These micro-organisms work together, by way of competitive exclusion, to outcompete other micro-organisms when introduced into an environment. Whether you apply actiferm onto the soil, growing crops, animal bedding, cows teats or even cleaning your kitchen surfaces the principle remains the same.

Good microbes out competing bad microbes.

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